Awakening The Leader Within
Action Leadership Training
Thu, Nov 17 2016 08:00 AM - Fri, Nov 18 2016 07:00 PM (EDT)
Radisson Hotel Toronto East, 55 Hallcrown Place, North York, ON
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A Practical Guide to Build Resilience and Drive Workplace Performance

This program is designed to guide Managers, Executives, Staff officers and all other Leaders how to be proactive contributors to their organization. Transition them from disengaged to highly motivated. Move them from being responsive to responsible. And, show them how to take initiative, be innovative, solve problems and become profit makers.

Program content includes:
- How to identify purpose and priorities in personal and professional life.
- How to respond outside challenges positively and proactively.
- How to change the outcome of any event by changing response to it.
- How to manage work, instead of managing time.
- How to spend quality time with family while prioritizing work.
- How to practice delegation without losing control.
- How to interact with others in ways that increase trust.
- How to develop the ability to listen and sense others’ needs.
- How to embrace change as a way of life.
- How to build your success team and team-up for tomorrow.
- How to take initiative and drive results through process-driven leadership.
- How to increase the personal resilience to sustain performance.

This program will help participants:
- Make every day worthwhile and productive.
- Learn how to manage change and time effectively.
- Improve ability to problem solve by seeing situations with greater clarity.
- Take initiative and accomplish more by taking ownership of what they do.
- Develop high-performing, innovative teams that are accountable for results.
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Event venue
Radisson Hotel Toronto East
55 Hallcrown Place
North York
M2J 4R1
Thu, Nov 17 2016 08:00 AM - Fri, Nov 18 2016 07:00 PM (EDT)